Bizarre! I’m always concerned when people mention low vibration/high vibration.

This is because if you actually look at the wave frequency of a vibration, a low vibration is a much calmer considered and less dangerous vibration, high vibrations generally are more erratic, more dense, hotter, and potentially more chaotic such as a pan of boiling water. The dualist mindset supposes that this reality is good or bad, but as with all things in nature, there cannot be a duality there can only be information between two points for instance; when does cold stop becoming cold and become hot? It doesn’t it is a just a degree of heat along that scale, and that is what has been inherently designed into our universe. Regardless, if you’re from arcturious, or from the dirt of earth you still live within the same universal construct.

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You’re definitely 💯 from another planet! Ever considered going back?

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It is a psycho-spiritual thing to be richer than you imagine you want to be.

On a mental and spiritual level, worthiness matters, and God would reward a person according to their real intention and effort.

Look to those of better beliefs and deeds to aspire.

Look to those of lesser material means to be grateful.

Give up on things being merely as one desires and focus on perfecting; while being content with what one has acquired.

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