You will never be any richer inside without the contentment for your opportunity beyond being wealthy and famous.

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Very revealing in the sense that your want and needs are actually very normal and pretty average. Everyone wants to be a star, every female wants to marry a rich guy, and most people do see your value in society based on how much you make not what you do.

"Our ability to earn money or provide for ourselves or our loved ones is

tied to our feelings of self worth, whether we recognize it or not. For me,

finally cracking the code of money has been extremely impactful on my feelings

of self worth."

I don't think I'd ever attach my self worth to things such as money. I could give a shit less what someone thinks of me and if anything you get from me it should be that. I do what I want within reason that makes sense to me and me alone. If you don't agree I'm willing to listen but be prepared for me to explain myself.

"I’ve always known that I’m a Star and I’ve always felt left out from the part of society that I felt I belonged in. I don’t have rich parents, and the way I figured I’d get rich was through divine intervention by a benevolent rich person. I did everything I could to shine my worth and be seen so that the right person would finally come along and save me."

I don't think I ever thought of myself as a star. Did I ever want to be a star sure I guess if it means I am genuine to myself and to the people I am a star too. Though I recognize I can never be truly be 100% genuine so I try to be as genuine as I can be. Sure getting a rich person (guy) to fund you is a way to do things but it shouldn't be the only way. I don't think you did everything you could do to show your worth and deep down I think you know this. Do not take offense but I don't think you had the guts to do what it takes to go towards the finish line. It's fine most don't you're not the only one who crashes and burns from a entrepreneurial perspective.

"universe protected me from what I thought I wanted and gave me a much better path than the one I thought I deserved."

The universe did not protect you but in fact in a way punished the shit out of you because you never learned the first time. The universe punished you and gave you the gift of growth and to endure in the face of adversity and to not crumble like the weak. To embrace tragedy and failure more so than success as a opportunity. That when failure occurs to not cower and self pity but to again look at it as a opportunity to learn and be thankful that the failure came as a blessing than a curse.

The universe gives you gifts in the form of pain and misery to make you ready to handle anything. You will never be safe. No bunny will ever make you truly safe embrace the randomness/probability of life. That anything good or bad could happen at any point. That being safe to some extent hinders success and potentially makes you inert.

For me life is about experiences and the more experiences I get the more it's worth living. I can't say that the way I live life is applicable to everybody but I suppose you/everybody else has to figure out who they are, where they want to go and then how to get there. Once you figure out those parts you just jump into doing it and while doing it you discover more about yourself in the process and find more reasons to live or not.

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